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Mei Kurokawa Lemon Drop DVD
Realmedia Videoclip 2:52 min
This movie is in RM (Real Media) format, which can be played with Free RealPlayer.
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Lemon Drop DVD Clip (2 minutes 52 seconds, 9.85MB, 352x240)
    Please load the batch file and the parts 1 - 5. Rename the files (see list below). Copy all files in same folder and click the batchfile. As last, unpack the zip file.
  •  Video batchfile Save as: MeiKurokawa.bat
  •  Video part 1 Save as: MeiKurokawa.001
  •  Video part 2 Save as: MeiKurokawa.002
  •  Video part 3 Save as: MeiKurokawa.003
  •  Video part 4 Save as: MeiKurokawa.004
  •  Video part 5 Save as: MeiKurokawa.005